Locking Changes

Once your show is frozen it's a great time to also freeze the show file. There are two ways to lock changes to a show file.

Run Only Mode

Enabling Run Only Mode is done with a click from the Cues Menu

Once Run Only Mode is enabled Spikemark limits the operator's ability to make changes to a host of parameters.

Once enabled, Run Only Mode will disable the ability to edit the input fields, editing the stage, adding machines, adding & editing cues, movements, links & presets. Any input field that is greyed out is locked. If you need to make changes to a locked field, just uncheck Run Only Mode.

Once you have the Stage Model views set up you can lock them too. Check out the details here.

User Authorization

If you want to lock Spikemark down with a password, then this method is for you. You'll need to set up your PC with Specific Windows Users and install Spikemark slightly differently.

While still logged into the computer under the Spikemark user, open Spikemark. You will notice that nothing looks different - as a matter of fact Spikemark operates as expected. In order to take advantage of the features, you need to enable them from within Spikemark.

1. From the Administration menu select Enable Authentication

2. You are prompted with the ‘Log In To Spikemark’ screen. Enter the credentials for any user with Windows Admin rights. In this example the username is Mike.

Check out the Spikemark Installation section for all the details.

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