PosiStageNet (PSN)

PosiStageNet (PSN) is a communication protocol developed by VYV and MA Lighting for communicating real time position tracking data. This allows Spikemark to broadcast the real time position of any motor in a show to a PSN client like a media server or a lighting console. More detailed information regarding the PSN protocol can be found at http://www.posistage.net

To setup PSN:

This brings up the PSN configuration window with the following options.

1 - Client Address

The client address is the IP address of the PSN client receiving position data from Spikemark. By default the address is The Spikemark IP Address does not have to be in the same range.

2 - Client Port

Similar to client address, client port is the UDP port that Spikemark will send data over. By default the port number is set to 56565.

3 - Server Name

Spikemark is set up as a PSN Server and requires a name in order to announce itself to the PSN clients. By default, the name is Spikemark.

4 - Active

When checked, the given axis’ position will be sent. This allows Spikemark to selectively send position data. By default, active is unchecked.

5 - Motor Name

The name of the motor in Spikemark.

6 - PosiStageNet Name

The name that the PSN clients will see. By default, the PosiStageNet name is the same as the motor name but can be changed as needed. This allows an axis to be called one name in Spikemark and another on a PSN client.

7 - Type Of Motion

There are two possible values for type of motion: Translating along or Rotating around. Type Of Motion is changed depending on the axis model type (winch, turntable, periaktos) noted in the Stage Model Viewer. The product of this is determining what chunk is being set for the given PSN tracker. When Translating along is displayed the position chunk is set, and when Rotating around is displayed the orientation chunk is set.

8 - Axis Direction

The three possible values for Axis Direction. They are X, Y, or Z. By selecting one of these sets, the corresponding value in either the position chunk or the orientation chunk is used for the Axis Direction. By default, the Axis Direction is set to X.

9 - Data & Info Intervals

  • The Data Interval is the speed at which PSN data packets are sent.

  • The Info Interval is the speed at which PSN info packets are sent. The Info Interval is not changeable but instead is calculated based on the Data Interval. The recommended fastest speed for the Data Interval is 30.

10 - Send Output

The Send Output button toggles the PosiStageNet server in Spikemark on or off.

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