Making The connections

Showstopper 4 Accessory Cable

The cable must have at least 6 twisted pairs (12 conductors) of 20AWG (20/6 STP). Here are a few purchasing options:

Network Cable

Each network port requires a dedicated Ethernet connection. Belden 1583A or similar is acceptable.

PCB Pass Through vs Terminated

Control Connections are made so that you can easily expand your automation system. Each faceplate can be wired as either a “home run” back to the Showstopper Accessory output, or it can be wired in series with other Control Connections or Showstopper Remote E-Stops.

All three terminal blocks, top (J1), middle (J2) and bottom (J3), are electrically bonded, so it does not make a difference which ones are used as inputs versus outputs. Our recommended termination pattern is as follows:

J1: Input from previous connection or Showstopper Accessory output

J2: Output to next connection OR jumpers for final termination

J3: Factory installed Accessory Socket

Jumper Connections

If the Control Connection is NOT being used as a pass through, there are four (4) jumper wires that need to be in place to allow the E-Stop to function properly.

Pin 1 → Pin 2

Pin 3 → Pin 4

Pin 7 → Pin 9

Pin 8 → Pin 10

PCB Wiring Diagram

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