Modbus Effect

Spikemark has the ability to connect to external, third-party devices using Modbus TCP/IP protocols. Similar to a Stagehand FX, the Modbus Effect allows you to select a specific Modbus coil to be ACTIVATED or CLEARED that could control any number of other effects.

Click on Stagehand, and select Add Modbus Effect.

Network setup in which you must match IP Address, Port and Modbus Unit ID both in Spikemark and on your external device.

Timeout - The amount of time Spikemark will attempt to send data to a Modbus device. If it doesn’t communicate with a device in that time, the Modbus communication will give up.

In the Cue Workspace, drag and drop to add a “movement” to your cue. Click on the Modbus Effect and choose the coil number you want to control, and whether it is being Activated or Cleared. Click Update to confirm

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