Stage Model Viewer

Learn how to create and manipulate models in Spikmark to reflect your real-world scenery.


Viewing Basics

Spikemark 5 includes an integrated 3-view setup of your stage.

The Stage Model Viewer is at the top of the Spikemark screen, you should see a large blue rectangle with a small white rectangle on top of it. This is the Pushstick V2 motor represented on the Stage. All dimensions associated with the Stage Model are in decimal feet.

Each of these windows can be independently manipulated so you get the views that you want.

Pop-out Window

In addition to the three views at the top, you can open multiple pop-out windows that you can arrange around your screen, or even across multiple screens.

Axes of Reference

We can best identify these points using X, Y, Z axes as references.

The default Stage Model Viewer looks at the stage from House Left, so the Stage Right, Plaster Line corner is the closest point to your view. All of these variables reference a Zero Point which is by default at the bottom surface, and center of the Stage Right side of the unit.

  • X-Axis - Is a horizontal line running Stage Right to Stage Left.

  • Y-Axis - Is a vertical line running Up and Down.

  • Z-Axis - Is a horizontal line running Up Stage to Down Stage.

  • Zero Point - The orange dot represents the Zero Point of our unit where all schematic dimensions are measured. Note that it is on the bottom surface, and at the center of the Stage Right side.

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