Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchase of the Stagehand FX. The Stagehand FX has been apart of the Stagehand family for a long time proving to be a versatile I/O controller. Give it 120VAC power, an ethernet connection, and a Showstopper cable and you’re ready to control simple effects with Spikemark. With the Stagehand FX, you can coordinate both simple switched devices and motors being run by Stagehand motion controllers all from within Spikemark.

Each Stagehand FX operates 4 relay outputs (rated for 3A at 30VAC/42VDC), and can sense 4 dry-contact inputs. You can connect various power sources to the relay outputs making it easy to control solenoid valves and small motors from a single Stagehand FX. Also, any 12VDC tolerant switch can be connected to the Stagehand FX inputs and used to trigger cues and other actions.

Each Stagehand FX integrates with the Showstopper emergency stop system to ensure that all effects can be halted in an instant with the press of any connected e-stop button.

The Stagehand FX uses pluggable terminal blocks for the I/O connections, making it easy for you to connect any device. Get ready to Make It Move! I/O style.

This manual will guide you through:

  • Unpacking

  • Installation

  • Powering Up

  • Operation

  • Troubleshooting

If you need help along the way contact us on our website (, via email (, or by phone (401-289-2942 x2). We want your automation to succeed and we are eager to help you through any head-scratching issues.


Inside the box you should find:

  1. Reference Manual (this document)

  2. Stagehand FX

  3. IEC Power Cord


The Stagehand FX performs two functions: switching relay outputs & sensing switch-closure inputs. This means that Stagehand FX can:

  1. Turn on & off a power source to a simple effect like a solenoid valve, lights, or small motors.

  2. Detect when a switch has been closed (eg. a limit switch or pushbutton).


The Stagehand FX is packaged in a 2U 19” rackmount case. You can mount it in a rack, or simply set it on any flat surface.

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