Sharpen Your Programming Skills

Steps To A Successful Load-in

We made a step-by-step checklist for you to use when planning and loading in your automation for your show. This check list will dig into the nuts and bolts of all the things you may need to do to configure your machines in Spikemark.

Stage Model Viewer

Edit the schematic for the Stage Model Viewer to visualize your machines like they appear in your venue.

Apply Tags, Filters, or Search to easily see just the machines you want to see and none of the machines you don't.

Jump into Cue Links to create complex moves, change speeds mid move, or create an endless cycle of moves.

More Than Just Motors

You can control more than just motors in Spikemark. Communicate with other devices using an I/O device like the Stagehand FX, or using network with the UDP Messenger, OSC Messenger, or Modbus Effects.

Integrate Moving Scenery With Video or Projection

Use Common Show Control protocols such as OSC(Open Sound Control), PSN(PosiStageNet), Watchout, or UDP to stream position data over the network.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Step up programming speed with Keyboard Shortcuts

Motor Status Icons

Know exactly what your machines are doing with Status Icons

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