The Pushstick Mini is designed to be mounted in any orientation. When determining a mounting position, please keep a few things in mind:

  • The rated continuous line pull of the Pushstick Mini is 90lb, but it can reach up to 270lb before the machine faults.

  • The Pushstick Mini weighs 170lb (185lbs with the hanging bracket)

Remember to design any mounting positions with sufficient safety factors.

Cables can exit the Pushstick Mini out the front or top of the frame. When cables exit the front of the machine, they are already at the proper height to mule through Creative Conners, Inc deck hardware. When rigged to exit out the top of the frame, custom hardware may be required. Please contact Creative Conners, Inc with further questions.

The Pushstick Mini is not intended for outdoor use. Not only does the motor not like getting wet, the Stagehand controls will likely fail if exposed to water.

Ground Installation

The Pushstick Mini frame has 0.5” mounting holes, designed to work with standard Unistrut 90° brackets. These brackets allow you to attach the winch standing up or laying on its back.

Vertical Installation

Horizontal Installation

Overhead Installation

Additionally, when used as a traveler track machine, a hanging bracket accessory is available to allow the Pushstick Mini to mount to truss, track, or a batten.

The Pushstick Mini can be installed in the air with the Hanging Bracket accessory.

Attach half boroughs to the bracket and hang the Pushstick Mini from a truss or pipe. The Pushstick Mini can also hang from your favorite track with additional hardware.

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