Cable Rigging Options

The Spotline Mini is designed to be installed in a variety of configurations. The cable can enter and exit from three sides of the frame (top, front, and back). Cable cannot enter from the motor side (bottom) of the machine or through the cross tubes at the top of the machine.

The Spotline Spotline Mini drums each have 4 cable entry holes, 2 pairs that oppose each other. This gives you a wide variety of options when rigging your machine. The graphics below are examples of how you might want to rig your machine depending on how you have the cable exiting the machine.

The first example is generally how we set up the Spotline Mini when testing them. In this orientation, running the machine FWD will move your scenery in the up direction, and REV will move your scenery in the down direction.

The second example shows the opposite cable entry holes in the machine being used. This is a perfectly acceptable thing to do, however there is a drawback that needs to be addressed with it. When mounted in this orientation, FWD and REV are flipped when you run the machine. This means that REV will move your scenery in the up direction and FWD will move your scenery in the down direction. In Spikemark, the up direction will be counted as a negative value rather than a positive one.

Installation Options

Required Tools

  1. Philips head screwdriver (removing rotary limit cover)

  2. Flat head screwdriver (adjusting rotary limits)

  3. Wire rope cutters (installing cable)

  4. 1/8” wire rope swaging tool (terminating cable to the drum)

  5. 1/8” Hex key (Drive Chain Tensioning)

  6. 7/16” open-end wrench (Drive Chain Tensioning)

  7. 9/16” combination wrench and socket (Drive Chain Tensioning)

The Spotline Mini is designed to be mounted with 4 cheeseboroughs (2 on each cross pipe). The distance between the edge of the cheeseboro and the nearest side plate cannot exceed 4” (see Figure below). The cheeseboros require a minimum safe working load (SWL) of 1100 pounds, Creative Conners Inc recommends the use of The Light Source’s Mega Coupler. The Spotline Mini cannot be supported in the middle of the cross pipe or by any of the smaller pipes that enclose the drive chain, encoder, and limits.

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