User Authorization

Local Computer Accounts

In order for user authorization to function properly, you (or someone with admin rights) will need to create at least three local accounts:

  • Spikemark (local user, no password) - One account only

  • Admin(s) (local admin, password required) - There can be multiple Admin level accounts

  • Operator(s) (local user, password required) - There can be multiple Operator level accounts

With Windows 10 set to automatically log into the Spikemark User (this account must NOT have a password), each person who is authorized to use the automation system will use their individual Windows account credentials to log into the Spikemark software. If the Windows account has Computer Admin rights, they will be able to edit show files. If the Windows account does not have Computer Admin rights, they will only be able to load and run show files.

NOTE Spikemark Authorization will not work with domain controlled accounts. They must be local accounts only.

1. Turn on your computer and log into the Windows User Account named Spikemark.

2. Locate the downloaded Spikemark Installer File, and double click the file.

3. The User Account Control Window will pop up. You will need to enter the password for a computer Admin.

Enter the admin password and click Yes.

4. Select Install With User Authentication and click Next >.

5. Confirm the current user is Spikemark and that the user structure is set up correctly. Click Next >.

6. Read and accept the License Agreement. Click Next >.

7. Click Next > to accept the default Start Menu location.

8. Click the checkbox if you would like to create a desktop shortcut, otherwise, leave it unchecked and click Next >.

9. Confirm the installation details are correct, and click Install.

10. A status window will appear with a progress bar, and an additional window may pop up and disappear as well. Once the installer is finished, you will see this window:

Un-check the Launch Spikemark and What's New boxes if you do not want to run the program immediately, or read about the cool new features.

Click Finish to complete the installation.


When Spikemark is installed with Authorization, the installed file will be saved in the user directory who was logged in at the time of installation; in our case that was the Spikemark user. All Spikemark program files and machine firmware files are located here:


All log files will be located here:

‘C:\Users\Spikemark\AppData\Roaming\Creative Conners, Inc\Spikemark\Spikemark version(X.X.X.X)’

Don't worry about remembering the directory, you can find the current log file easily from Spikemark by clicking on ‘Help-> Reveal Log File’ which will open the correct folder with the current log file highlighted.

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