Stagehand Pro 5: Features

Let’s talk about all the Capabilities and Features you can expect from this powerhouse motion controller:

New Features

Split Acceleration and Deceleration

Write more complex cues with different ramp up and ramp down times

Large Graphical OLED Display

See more information at a glance rather than cycling through all the fault codes

Improved Load Cell Input

Detect changes in load with higher precision

L21-30 Power Input

The Stagehand Pro now comes with a more easily attainable input power connector to connect to more attainable power distributions, including the option to custom order it with our traditional L15-30 Power Input Connector.

Increased Dynamic Braking Capacity

We have more than tripled the dynamic braking capacity to lower heavier loads, at faster speeds, for longer distances without overloading the drive.

VFD Parameter Library

Change VFD Parameter Set from Spikemark(5.5.2 or later) and not a VFD keypad

Existing Features Still Here

  • Onboard controls for jogging manually

  • Spikemark connectivity with dead-simple addressing and plain ethernet networking

  • Redundant Brake Circuits

  • Integrated Brake Testing

  • Redundant Limit Switch Circuits

  • Limit Override Buttons

  • Cross Grove Detection

  • Discreet Interlock Circuits

  • Position Feedback with PID Error Correction - in conjunction with an Encoder

  • Full Vector Control - in conjunction with a speed encoder signal, The Stagehand Pro 5 can monitor the speed to hold the load still as the brakes release. Creating buttery smooth motion.

  • Circuit Protection

  • 3 circuit breakers and 2 time delay fuses

All of this is packed in a Smaller 6U Rack Enclosure


  • 5 HP

  • 3 Phase 200VAC-240VAC Input Power

  • 30 Amp Max Draw

  • 60Hz Speed *can be overspeed to 120Hz at half capacity.

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