Encoder Finessing

If you are running into position accuracy issues the most likely culprit is the dancer wheel encoder.

  • Check the drive edge.

    • Unevenness where the encoder runs can cause poor positioning results

  • Confirm the encoder wheel is parallel with the top of the revolve surface. If it is out of alignment, shim the revolver base.

  • Add Encoder Match marks

    • Mark the top of the revolve and the revolve surround with matching tape marks. These will be your main reference marks.

    • Mark the top of the encoder wheel and a matching mark on the top of the turntable. These will be your encoder reference marks.

  • Run the revolver manually from the face of the Stagehand 360 degrees forward, lining up your revolve match marks.

  • Run the revolver back 360 degrees, lining up your main reference marks once again.

    • Once the revolve match marks are lined up look at the encoder reference marks.

  • If the encoder marks are not aligned, add some additional tension to the encoder spring, realign your encoder marks and repeat the testing process.

  • Repeat these steps until the encoder reference marks are aligned.

    • Once aligned (or close), redo the position scaling

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