Modeling A Split Curtain

By adjusting the size and rotation of the winch, we can easily make the model look like a curtain is traveling on and off stage.

Parameters To Set

SL Curtain

  • Width: 0.25ft

  • Length: 6ft

  • Height: 18ft

  • Rotation Y: 180 Degrees (set to 0 for SR)

  • Distance from Center: 27.5ft (set to -27.5ft for SR)

  • Distance from Plaster: 0.25ft

  • Max Forward Position: 258in


  1. Select the motor you wish to adjust.

  2. Select winch in the Scenery Type window.

  3. Select DeckWinch in the Axis Type dropdown menu.

  4. Adjust Width, Length, and Height.

    1. The Width in this case is the fullness of the curtain.

  5. Adjust Rotation X and Rotation Y so that the unit travels vertically.

  6. Adjust Distance and Elevation to reflect actual location on (and under) the stage.

  7. Set Max Forward Position Soft Limit for actual travel distance.

Track Length - Unit Length = Full Travel Distance

27.5ft - 6ft = 21.5ft (258in)

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