5.2 Test Manual Movement

Before attaching your scenery, confirm that your machine(s) is running in the correct direction and that your encoder is tracking position in the correct direction.

Many of us here at CCI will do all of this initial manual movement testing by jogging from the Stagehand face, often before connecting the Stagehand to Spikemark. For ease of use, this tutorial will utilize your Network Jogging skills from the previous section. Remember to do this with EACH machine.

Just remember to use SLOW AND SMOOTH INPUTS. Be gentle with your machines!

Moving in the Forward direction must count Up

Moving in the Reverse direction must count Down

If your machine is counting Down when moving Forward or counting Up when moving Reverse, you will need to rewire your encoder before you will be able to run cues in Live Mode.

Once you confirm your machine(s) is counting in the correct direction, attach your scenery and simply jog them individually in Spikemark

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