Cue Status

The status of a cue will be visually displayed in several places:

  • Stage Model Viewer

  • Stagehand List

  • Cue List

  • Cue Control

Cue Status States

Cue Unloaded

When you first open Spikemark, there will be no cues loaded. If there was a cue loaded already, press the Stop Icon in the Cue Controls or use the hot key F6 to unload the cue.

Cue Loaded

  • Cue Control Header: Cue # Loaded

  • Stage Model Viewer:

    • Current Location: Bright Red

    • Target Location: Dark Red

  • Cue: Red Outline

  • Movement: Red Highlight

  • Motor Status: Rocket Icon

Cue Running

  • Cue Control Header: Cue # Running

  • Stage Model Viewer: Green

  • Cue: Highlighted Green

  • Movement: Green Progress Bar

  • Motor Status: Green Forward Arrow

Cue Complete

  • Cue Control Header: Cue # complete

  • Stage Model Viewer: Blue

  • Cue: Purple Outline

  • Movement: Purple Highlight

  • Motor Status: Blue Complete Icon

Cue Faulted

  • Cue Control Header: Cue # faulted

  • Stage Model Viewer: Yellow

  • Cue: Yellow Outline

  • Movement: Yellow Highlight

  • Motor Status: Can be various Motor Status Icons, depending on the fault.

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