Setting the C3 Value

Setting 0% for ambient voltage

Why set the C3?

Every Stagehand motion controller sends an analog speed signal to the VFD telling it how fast to go. Even though we use the same components for all of our cards and Stagehands, each one of those small components has a +/- tolerance level that can affect miniscule changes to the ambient voltage of our cards. To compensate for this, we can essentially teach the drive what this ambient voltage is so it knows exactly where to assign 0%.

How to Use the VFD Keypad

How to Set C3

    • The screen will display a value of X.X (close to 0.0)

  1. Hold down the FWD Jog button on the Stagehand Control Card

    • Do NOT rotate the knob. You should be at 0% speed

    • The VFD screen should show a different value than it did prior to pressing FWD Jog

    • Wait a moment for the VFD to beep and flash between your new value and P C3

  2. Release the FWD Jog button

  3. Cycle power on the VFD

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