The Smart Chain Hoist is sent to you with the intent that you can simply hang it, plug it in, and Make It Move! If for any reason the enclosure needs to be opened, the following tools may be required:

  • Flat head #1 x 5.5 screwdriver

  • Philips head #2 screwdriver

  • 5/64” Hex key

  • 3/32” Hex key

  • 5/32” Hex key

  • 3/16” Hex key


The Smart Chain Hoist can be installed motor up or motor down depending on your needs. Hanging the machine motor up is most often best to reduce chain noise and the need for any cable management.

In either orientation, it is important to confirm that the hook latch is fully closed and that the hanging point is sufficient for the load prior to declaring victory. Be sure to employ safe rigging practices each and every time a chain hoist is installed - the process should be completed by a competent and qualified rigger.

Once the machine is safely and securely rigged, it's now time to think about connecting the scenery (or any load) to the other hook. Be sure that the latch is fully closed and that the connecting point is sufficiently stout to handle the load.

The Smart Chain Hoist is not rated for performer flying. Do not use the hoist to lift a performer, either directly to the chain, on a prop, or on a piece of scenery.

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