Making Models

After you’ve changed the size of the stage to match your theatre space, the next step is to make the motors look roughly like the scenery on the stage.

Each motor in the show can be viewed as either a winch or a turntable. You may be thinking, we can automate more scenery than just a winch or a turntable so how would I visualize these other machines? You would be correct. However, a winch in the model can be modified and visualized as a lift, hoist, curtain, or any machinery that runs in a straight line.

A Winch can be modified to visualize any machinery that runs in a straight line.

Winches always look like a box traveling along a track. This box is used to resemble your scenic wagon. The length of the track is determined by the Max Forward and Min Reverse input fields (set in the Position section of the Stagehand Properties Panel). The size and placement of the scenery on the track can be adjusted in the Schematic section of the Stagehand Properties Panel. Let’s go over the steps to achieve this.

Modeling a Winch

Modeling a Lift

Modeling a Hoist

Modeling a Vertical Curtain

Modeling a Split Curtain

Modeling a Turntable or Periaktos

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