4.10 Cue Links

Let's create a time link on Cue 3.

We want the Wagon to start moving halfway through Cue 2, but also complete with everything else.

A Time Link starts a timer when a Parent Cue is executed and executes the Child Cue after the timer has ran the set amount of delay time. Cue 2 is considered the Parent Cue, while Cue 3, the is Child Cue.

  1. Click the Link Icon for Cue 3 to open the Add Cue Link dialogue.

  2. Click "Time Link".

  3. Click the Parent Cue Drop Down Menu.

  4. Select "Cue #2 - Wagon Reveal".

  5. Click "OK" to close Add Cue Link dialogue and create the link.

  6. Click the Cue Link Bar on Cue 3 to open the Edit Time Link dialogue.

  7. Enter 10 in the Delay (sec) Box.

  8. Click "Update" to save and close the Edit Time Link dialogue.

To learn more about cue links:

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