Strict Timing Mode

Strict Timing mode insists that the motor moves accurately and achieves the cue position within the theoretical time allowed for that movement based on the programmed distance, speed, and acceleration. If the motor cannot achieve the target in the computed time, it will be turned off, regardless of its current position, once the calculated cue time has passed.

For shows that have tight timing requirements, this option may be useful. However, it has mostly been included in Spikemark since it was the only mode available in earlier versions of Spikemark. When using this mode, you have to be diligent about tuning your motors well. Sloppy tuning will result in motors abruptly stopping in mid-move.

To ignore your Target Tolerance, and switch into Strict Timing Mode:

  1. Select the machine you want in Strict Timing Mode

  2. Go to the Advanced Pane

  3. Click the check box for Strict Timing Mode

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