Setting Showstopper Consolette IP Address

Press the Jog Wheel on the Showstopper Consolette.

The status display shows the Settings Menu. This is a scrolling list of the different settings that can be configured. Scroll through the list by rotating the jog wheel and then press the Jog Wheel again to select the option you want.

The Showstopper Consolette comes with a default static IP Address of

To change the IP Address:

  1. Select SET IP ADDRESS from the Settings Menu

2. Rotate the Jog Wheel to move the cursor to the IP Address segment that you want to change.

3. Press the Jog Wheel to select the segment.

4. Rotate the Jog Wheel to adjust the segment value.

5. Once you are satisfied with the value, press the Jog Wheel again to get back to the selection cursor.

6. Repeat steps 1-4 until you are happy with the IP Address.

7. Move the cursor to OK to change the IP Address (or Cancel to leave the IP Address unchanged).

8. The Showstopper has to be rebooted for the new IP Address to take effect. After clicking OK, the next screen will let you select to reboot now, or postpone until later.

After you have finished, scroll to the bottom of the settings list and click EXIT.

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