OSC Messenger

A new OSC Messenger can be added in one of two ways. The first is from the menu bar at the top click Stagehand and then Add OSC Stagehand.

The second way to add a OSC Messenger is to right click on the empty space in the Jog Workspace and click Add OSC Messenger.

Once an OSC Messenger has been added click it to bring up its three editable properties. Target Address, Port and Active. Target Address is the OSC Server address, Port is the UDP port the OSC Server is listening for commands on, and Active is whether or not the movements will be loaded and executed.

OSC Movement

Spikemark supports sending OSC UDP messages and the OSC movement is where all the parts of an OSC message are put together.

Message Format

An OSC message is made up of an address and any number of arguments where the arguments are any combination of strings, integers, and floats. This is represented in Spikemark as a comma separated list.

The first item in the list is the OSC address which always starts with a forward slash (/) and then the arguments. For example, the command for adjusting the faders for a QLab cue is “/cue/1/sliderLevel,1,0”. The OSC address is /cue/1/sliderLevel and the two arguments channel and decibel level are respectively 1 and 0.

Command Library

The command library is a collection of xml files that have OSC messages already defined. This makes it quick and easy to add OSC messages. The command library can be expanded which is covered in the next section.

To use the command library click the + button on an OSC movement.

By default Spikemark tries to load the QLab command library but using the Browse button, any OSC command library can be opened. Then using the Commands Dropdown a command can be picked and its parameters and arguments will become editable.

Once all the values have been changed clicking the Insert button will close the OSC Library dialog and update the OSC movement.

You can even create your own OSC Library for commands that will be sent to different software other than QLab or Eos.

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