Stagehand Apprentice 2: Features

Let’s talk about all the Capabilities and Features you can expect from this powerhouse motion controller:

New Features

Split Acceleration and Deceleration

Write more complex cues with different ramp up and ramp down times

Large Graphical OLED Display

See more information at a glance rather than cycling through all the fault codes

L21-30 Power Input

The Stagehand Apprentice now comes with a more easily attainable input power connector to connect to more attainable power distributions, including the option to custom order it with our traditional L15-30 Power Input Connector.

VFD Parameter Library

Change VFD Parameter Set from Spikemark (5.5.2 or later) and not a VFD keypad

Existing Features Still Here

  • Onboard controls for jogging manually

  • Spikemark connectivity with dead-simple addressing and plain ethernet networking

  • Limit Override Buttons

  • Discreet Interlock Circuits

  • Position Feedback with PID Error Correction - in conjunction with an Encoder

  • Circuit Protection

  • 3 circuit breakers and two (2) time delay fuses protecting the controls and encoder

  • All of this is packed in a 6U Rack Enclosure


  • 5 HP max motor

  • 3 Phase 200VAC-240VAC Input Power

  • 230VAC 3 phase motor output

  • 200VAC brake circuit

  • 60Hz Speed *can be overspeed to 120Hz at half capacity.

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