The Deck Chief was created to satisfy the need for simple and safe variable-speed operation of motorized curtains, turntables, projection screens and other effects in theatrical facilities and live event venues.

It is designed with the flexibility to be either hardwired, connectorized, or a combination of the two.

Front Panel

The front panel features:

Bottom Panel

Wiring for power input, motor output, brake output, limits, and the optional remote is brought into through the bottom panel of the Deck Chief. There are multiple options for either hardwired connection, or pluggable connectors.

Side Panel

There is a fuse holder on the left side of the case. This provides circuit protection for the 24VDC output of the internal power supply.

The CONTROL POWER circuit breaker on the face of the Deck Chief protects the line input to the power supply. The fuse protects the output from the power supply.

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