Adding and Deleting Cues

Cue Options Window

The New Cue Options Window will appear when a new cue is added or a cue is duplicated. From here you can assign a Cue Number, Cue Description, and a Cue Color.

Change Default Cue Color

If you want to change the Default Cue Color, change it in the Spikemark Defaults

Add New Cues

There are several ways to create a new cue:

Add A Cue From the Menu Bar

Add A Cue Hot Keys - CTRL + U

Add A Cue with Right Click

Duplicate A Cue

A new cue can also be created by duplicating one. This will copy over all of the properties and movements within that cue.

Duplicate A Cue with Right Click

Duplicate A Cue with CTRL+D

Delete A Cue

When a cue is no longer needed, it's simple to delete a cue from the show.

Delete A Cue With Right Click

Delete A Cue Hot Keys - CTRL + SHIFT + U

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