Show Modes

Spikemark can be run in Simulator or Live mode.

Simulator Mode

As the names suggest, Simulator Mode allows you to program cues and check out movements in the Stage Model Viewer without moving real machines. Cues can be run from the on screen Cue Controls or from a Showstopper Consolette.

Spikemark initially enforces HTR in Simulator Mode. Change this to Soft Stop from the Showstopper Consolette Settings.

Live Mode

Once you're ready to start moving real machinery, Switch to Live Mode, Configure your machinery in Spikemark, and run all your cues that you programmed in Simulator Mode.

Notice how in Live mode, the unit is dark grey by default. This means that it is not yet connected to Spikemark. The tan unit in the Simulator indicates that it is "connected" and ready to move!

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