Connecting To A Pendant

Establishing a Network Connection to a Pendant in Spikemark

Before connecting to your Pendant in Spikemark, check these settings first:

  1. Click "Spikemark Pendant" in the Control Devices menu to open the Spikemark Pendant Settings

  2. Change IP Address and Port to match what is displayed on the actual Pendant.

  3. Click Enable" to start the Pendant network.

  4. Once the network is open, the status will change to "Enabled" and you can then connect to Spikemark from the Pendant itself.

  5. Click "Close" to exit the Spikemark Pendant Settings.

The green background indicates that the Pendant network is Enabled. It does NOT indicate that your pendant is actively connected.

The Spikemark Settings Window can alternatively be opened by selecting Pendant from the upper Menu Bar.

When Spikemark is ready to connect to the Pendant, the status indicates "Enabled" and you cannot edit settings in the Spikemark Settings Window.

You must disable the Pendant first.

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