Modeling A Winch

Winches always look like a box traveling along a track. This box is used to resemble your scenic wagon.

The length of the track is determined by the Max Forward and Min Reverse Soft Limits (set in the Position section of the Stagehand Properties Panel).

The size and placement of the scenery on the track can be adjusted in the Schematic section of the Stagehand Properties Panel.

Parameters To Set

  • Width: 8ft

  • Length: 14ft

  • Height: 10ft

  • Distance from Center: -27ft

  • Distance from Plaster: 12ft


  1. Select the motor you wish to adjust.

  2. Select winch at the bottom of the Schematic pane

  3. Select DeckWinch in the Axis Type dropdown menu.

  4. Adjust Width, Length, and Height.

Change Direction of Travel

The example above shows a wagon traveling from SR to SL. Here's an example of a wagon moving Up and Down at Center Stage.

Parameters To Change (Starting from Winch)

  • Rotation Y: 270 Degrees

  • Distance from Center: 0ft

  • Distance from Plaster: 35ft

  • Max Forward Position: 252in

  1. Adjust Rotation Y to change the orientation or direction of travel.

  2. Adjust Distance from Center, Plaster, Elevation to reflect real world location on stage.

  3. Adjust Max Forward Position so that your unit travels the correct length of the track.

Track Length - Unit Length = Full Travel Distance

35ft - 14ft = 21ft (252in)

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