Stagehand Apprentice 2: Motor and Brake Output

The Motor / Brake output receptacle combines power for a motor a brake into a single, 6-pin connector. The CCEF-06 is used on both 1HP (120VAC) and 5HP (208VAC, 3P) Stagehand Apprentice controllers. The 5HP (~400VAC, 3P) Stagehand Apprentice utilizes the Weiland 72.300.0653.0 insert.

Motor Output

The motor output is intended for connection to a 3-phase, inverter-duty, induction motor. Depending on the input voltage, the attached motor will be wired for 230VAC or 460VAC power, and suitable for variable frequency from 0.5Hz-60Hz.

If using a Stagehand Apprentice 2 with 120VAC or 208VAC 3P input power, connect the motor for 230VAC. If using a ~400VAC Stagehand Apprentice, connect the motor for 460VAC.

Pin #Purpose


Motor U


Motor V


Motor W

Motor Brake Output

The Motor Brake power circuit is either a 208/230VAC 1P or 120VAC 1P, with a fixed frequency that matches the input power source (typically 60Hz in the United States and 50Hz abroad).

Pin #120/208VAC Input380-460VAC Input


Motor Brake L1 - 120VAC 6A Max

Motor Brake L1 - 220VAC 6A Max


Motor Brake L1 - 208/230VAC 6A Max

Motor Brake L1 - 440VAC 6A Max


Motor Brake - L2 (either 120VAC or ~200VAC)

Motor Brake L2 - either ~220VAC or 440VAC

The 6A Max current rating for the Motor Brake output is 6A.

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