Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchase of the Pivot from Creative Conners, Inc. The Pivot incorporates a stout center bearing with a geared encoder mount, solving two major challenges with any turntable: spinning and positioning. The Pivot pairs well with the Revolver and the Turntable Template.This manual will direct you through:

  1. 1.Unpacking

  2. 2.Installing and testing.

  3. 3.Operation procedures.

If you need help along the way contact either on our website (, via email (, or by phone (401.289.2942).

A Word About Safety

The Pivot is designed to work seamlessly with Creative Conners’ Revolver, Showstopper system, and Spikemark to help you spin large turntables and scenic elements with ease. As with any machine, proper safety precautions should always be observed when installing and operating a Turntable.Turntables present unique safety hazards compared to other stage equipment. Since turntables are often installed flush to the show floor, stepping on or off a moving turntable can be dangerous and a common source of falls. The safest way to avoid falls is to step on or off the turntable only when it is stopped. Stepping on or off a turntable while it is moving is very risky and represents a serious potential for injury.If your set has elements that are affixed to the turntable, and elements that are affixed to the stationary portion of the stage, there is a risk of crushing people or scenery between the moving elements and the stationary elements. Make certain that performers and crew are aware of the danger and trained to avoid all pinch points.

What’s included

  1. 1.Pivot

  2. 2.Pinion for TR-3 encoder

  3. 3.16’ M12 extension cable for encoder

  4. 4.Optional:

    1. 1.Powercon True1 cable connectors (1 plug and 1 socket) with the slip ring add-on

    2. 2.32’-6” M12 encoder extension cable

Required Tools

  1. 1.3/4” wrenches

  2. 2.3/16” hex key

  3. 3.5/32” hex key

  4. 4.1/8" hex key

  5. 5.5/64” hex key

FeaturesStout center bearing (slew ring)½-13 tapped mounting holes on the top plateThrough-mount holes on base plateGeared center encoder mount for slip-free positioning(4) handling pointsOptional Slip Ring Add On to get cables on top of the turntableOverview​​

Spikemark Position Scale

While most of the Creative Conners' arsenal can be found in the machine library, the Pivot hasn't quite made the cut since it is often considered a piece of hardware instead of a standalone machine like the Rotator or Revolver. Nevertheless, you can still add the Revolver and then manually change the position scale to one of the following numbers, depending on whether you have a 5k or a 10k ppr encoder:

5,000ppr Encoder: 1111.11111111

10,000ppr Encoder: 2222.22222222

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