Revolver Reference Manual

The Revolver is an all-in-one friction drive turntable machine, ready to connect to a Stagehand motion controller right out of the crate.

The Revolver has been around long enough that it's seen several design revisions. Though each version operates in the same basic way, there are a few key differences.

The key differences between the three generations of machines are orientation, overall height, footprint, encoder and gearmotor. If you've got a "V1" you can find the manual here.

Read on if you've got a Revolver v2 or v3!

A Word About Safety

The Revolver is designed to work seamlessly with Creative Conners Showstopper system, and Spikemark to help you move large and heavy turntables. As with any machine proper safety precautions should always be observed when installing and operating a Revolver. The Revolver has several pinch points and rotating parts. During installation or removal, do not wear loose fitting clothing or jewelry, tie hair back and be mindful of the moving parts. Before working on the Revolver be sure to remove power to the Stagehand or disconnect the E-Stop cable from the Stagehand to ensure the machine will not move.

Turntables present unique safety hazards compared to other stage equipment. Since turntables are often installed flush to the show floor, stepping on or off a moving turntable can be dangerous and a common source of falls. The safest way to avoid falls is to step on or off the turntable only when it is stopped. Stepping on or off a turntable while it is moving is very risky and represents a serious potential for injury.

If your set has elements that are affixed to the turntable, and elements that are affixed to the stationary portion of the stage, there is a risk of crushing people or scenery between the moving elements and the stationary elements. Make certain that performers and crew are aware of the danger and trained to avoid all pinch points.


The Revolver V2 is an update to the original Creative Conners Revolver. Key features of the Revolver are:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame design

  • Spring tensioned 8” drive wheel

  • Integrated spring loaded dancer wheel encoder, including a factory installed hard rubber wheel and an optional aluminum wheel for superior accuracy.

  • 1200lb linear thrust at a brisk 36"/sec max speed – approx. 1 revolution per 21 seconds on a 20’ turntable

  • Compact – you only need 8-1/4” below your show deck.

What's Included

The Revolver includes the machine and dancer wheel encoder. A Showstopper system, Stagehand Controller and Spikemark software are required to complete the system.

Required Tools

  • Wrench/Impact driver and socket for mounting hardware

  • 1-7/8” wrench for the tensioning nuts

    • A 10” pair of parallel jaw pliers or Channel-Lock’s work well

  • 5/32” Hex for adjusting and tensioning the encoder

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