Manually Updating a Stagehand Unipolar V6 Card

Do you have a Stagehand Pro 5, Stagehand Apprentice 2 or Classic+ that won't update from Spikemark?

Occasionally you may find updating the firmware for a Pro 5, Apprentice 3 or Classic+ doesn't work and displays a "-2" error. If you're in that boat, you've landed on the right page! Take a look at the instructions below to manually update the firmware.

You'll only need to make the update this way once, any future updates will happen through Spikemark.


Unplug the input power - the microcontroller will be powered by your PC while updating the firmware.

  1. Remove the 6 button head cap screws holding the front panel and gently tip the front panel down to reveal the Stagehand Control Card.

  2. In the center of the Control Card is a smaller card that has a micro SD card at the top and a single CAT5 at the bottom. This is the ARM microprocessor.

  3. Locate the X10 input port on the Control Card. If there is a cable plugged into it, unplug it from the Control Card and move it out of the way for now. No need to trace it or unplug the other side.

  4. Very carefully lift up on the bottom of the ARM card (the end by the CAT5) by pinching the outside of the card and gently lifting the end of the card up.

    1. You’re exposing the Micro USB connector

  5. Grab your favorite micro USB cable and connect it to the microcontroller

    1. Once the cable is connected, push the microcontroller back down to make sure there’s a solid connection.

  6. Connect the other end of the USB to your PC and open a new File Explorer window. Navigate to the DAPLINK USB Drive if it isn’t already open.

  7. Open a 2nd File Explorer window and navigate to the Spikemark firmware directory: C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Roaming\Spikemark\Firmware\Stagehands\Motors\Version-6\FullFirmware PRO TIP: You may need to “Show Hidden Files” to see all the information.

  8. Click and drag the “STAGEHAND6-610_FULL.bin” file from the firmware folder to the DAPLINK window. The file will not be displayed on the DAPLINK device - but all is good.

  9. Let the microcontroller reboot (~10 seconds)

  10. Unplug the USB cable from your PC, leave it connected to the card for the time being.

  11. Reconnect power and turn on the Stagehand

  12. Confirm v610 Firmware is displayed on the Stagehand

    1. If the incorrect firmware is displayed, reconnect the USB cable and push the firmware file again

    2. If it still doesn’t take, push STAGEHAND6-609_FULL.bin to the card then update to V610 from Spikemark

  13. Power off the Stagehand, disconnect the micro-USB cable from the card, reseat the microcontroller and reconnect the CAT5 cable connected to X10

  14. Reinstall the 6 screws and you’re ready to make it move.

If the Stagehand Card powers on but doesn't appear on your PC, confirm the USB is connected to the proper port on the card

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, drop an email to or call us at: 401-289-2942 x2.

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