Stage Manager won’t turn on

  • Verify that the power light to the left of the controls is lit.

  • Check that the Stage Manager power is plugged in on the right side, and that the outlet is powered.

Spikemark Can’t Connect To Any Machines

  • Confirm Accessory Cable from Showstopper 3 Base is connected and receiving power.

  • Check that Consolette face is powered.

  • Check that Showstopper 3 Base is powered.

  • Confirm Spikemark is in LIVE Mode

  • Confirm network cables are connected both at the network switch and going into the Stage Manager

  • Engage the E-Stop and restart the Stage Manager.

  • Check that the IP Address on your Stagehand matches the IP Address assigned to it in Spikemark.

  • Check the IP Address of your Stagehand and the Spikemark Computer to confirm the addresses are compatible. They should have the same first three segments, with a differing final segment. CCI standard computer IP addresses are:

  • Network:

  • Network 2:

The OLED status display above the jog controls is dark and the Emergency Stop indicator lights are off.

The Stage Manager needs to be connected to your Showstopper 3 Base or Hub to power the entire machine and obtain full functionality.

Double check that the Showstopper 3 Base or Hub has power and the cables are all plugged in.

When I press the Jog Enable button, the Consolette will only respond to the Jog Joystick not the Jog Wheel

The Jog Joystick needs to be calibrated.

I want to change the HTR button to Soft Stop so I don’t have to hold down the HTR button while running cues

The HTR/Soft Stop functionality is selected in Showstopper Configuration at the top left of the cue grid in Spikemark.

The Consolette is on, but both the Ready light and the Engaged light are off. Spikemark shows an E-Stop fault

Another E-Stop button is pressed. Check the Showstopper Base and any Showstopper Remotes.

Drive Model is “Undetectable”

  • Check that your Stagehand is connected to Spikemark.

  • Confirm Spikemark is in Live mode

  • You can only detect a Stagehand Pro and a Stagehand Apprentice.

The Help Manual, Firmware updates, OSC Libraries, Machine Library or other files cannot be found by Spikemark

  • Make sure that you are logged into the Windows User Account called Spikemark

  • Close Spikemark software and re-open using the Start Menu, Taskbar or Desktop Icon. Opening from a specific showfile can sometimes cause files to not be found.

- If neither fixes the issue, Spikemark was likely installed under the incorrect user account -

Uninstall Spikemark. Restart the Stage Manager and make sure that you are logged into the Windows User Account called Spikemark. Install the latest version of Spikemark software. Note that because the Spikemark Windows User Account does NOT have Admin privileges, you will be prompted for the password to an account that does.

Spikemark Showed A Strange Error Message Then I Had To Quit

  • That’s a bug, and we need to fix it. Please email a copy of your show file, a copy of the 3 most recent log files, brief description of the issue including approximately what time it occurred, where in the cue sequence it occurred, and as much information about what was going on in the show and on the computer to

  • Sometimes, Spikemark will create a zip file crash report and place it on your desktop when a crash occurs. If this happens, please email a copy of the zip file to

  • Shut down your Stage Manager and restart. Make sure that you are logged into the Spikemark user upon restarting.

I Can’t Find The Log File To Email It To Support

  • Click Help on the Menu Bar and select Reveal Log File.

  • The Application Data folder is hidden by default on some Windows installations. To view the folder, click the Start Menu and select Computer. Press the Alt key to reveal the File menu. Click Tools, Folder Options…, View and then click Show hidden files and folders.

  • Log files are stored in: C:\Users\spikemark\AppData\Roaming\Creative Conners, Inc\Spikemark\[Spikemark version number].

Tech Support

If you get stuck, we are here to help. The best way to get in touch with a tech expert is via email, even during normal business hours, because most days we are on the shop floor and may not be near the phone. There is someone in the office from 8:30a-5pm EST Monday-Friday, and they will return an email or phone call quickly. After hours, when most tech support issues arise, we have a crack team monitoring email and voicemail who will respond quickly to help get you moving.

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