Making the Connections


Connect your included locking IEC cable to power your Stage Manager. The Stage Manager draws a maximum of 1.4 Amps of single phase 110v 50/60Hz power. The input receptacle has a built-in fuse to protect the internal components. If you need a replacement fuse, it is a fast-acting 6.3 Amp 5mm x 20mm GDB type(McMaster Carr SKU 6978K774). There is also a built-in 3.4 amp hour battery backup for the industrial PC which will provide power for the PC in the event of an electrical failure long enough to save and backup your show file and properly shut down the computer.


In order to control connected motors and communicate with accessories, the Stage Manager and all the devices must be connected to the same network. The Stage Manager includes two EtherCON ports, both connected to an internal network switch - either one of these ports can be used to connect to the network. The internal network switch is powered from the Showstopper 3 system to maintain safe operation. The additional network port can be used to connect a Spikemark Pendant into the system.


In order for the E-Stop and Consolette to function, the Stage Manager must be connected to the Showstopper 3 system with a Showstopper Accessory cable. The Stage Manager also includes a Showstopper 3 Accessory output to easily connect a Spikemark Pendant.


The Accessory Input must be connected to your Showstopper 3 Base. This is done with an Industrial Rectangular Connector. In situations where your Stage Manager and Showstopper Base are in different rooms we recommend you purchase a Control Connection Point from Creative Conners as the required crimping tool to make your own is quite expensive. This will allow you to install the junction box next to your Stage Manager with a short Showstopper accessory cable. Inside the junction box there is a terminal strip which can be connected by your electrical contractor in conduit from the location of your Stage Manager to the location of your Showstopper Base. The connection requires 8 conductors of a minimum 20 AWG. Should you choose to make your own, please refer to the table below of manufacturer part numbers for the plug on the Stage Manager, the mating connector, and the crimps for either plug or connector.




Plug (M)



Pin Crimp



Connector (F)



Socket Crimp



Cable Hood



Cable Gland



The pin-out for the plug is shown below.


The Accessory Output connection is provided to expand your system. If you are not using this output you must take the terminator from your Showstopper 3 Base where you have plugged in the Stage Manager Accessory input and connect it to the Accessory Output port of your Stage Manager. Using the Accessory Output port, you also have the option of adding a variety of accessories like; Remote E-Stop stations, Showstopper 3 Hubs, the Spikemark Pendant, an additional Showstopper Consolette, or any other Showstopper Accessory product.


A USB 3.0 port is provided to the right of the key switch to allow for easy software updates and to backup your Spikemark show files. See the section on Updating Spikemark for details on software updates.

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