Can’t connect to Spikemark

Check the IP Address of your Consolette and the Spikemark computer to confirm the addresses are compatible. They should have the same first three segments, with a differing final segment (eg. & See this page for details on changing the Consolette IP Address

The OLED status display is dark and the Emergency Stop indicator lights are off.

  1. Make sure the Accessory cable is plugged into the Consolette and Showstopper Base.

  2. Check that the Showstopper Base is powered up.

When I press the Jog Enable button, the Consolette will only respond to the Jog Joystick not the Jog Wheel.

The Jog Joystick needs to be calibrated.

I want to change the HTR button to Soft Stop so I don’t have to hold down the HTR button while running cues.

The HTR/Soft Stop functionality is selected in Spikemark.

The Consolette is on, but both the Ready light and the Engaged light are off. Spikemark shows an E-Stop fault.

  • Check all remote e-stops

  • Check that all Accessory ports are terminated


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