On-Board Settings

There are a handful of settings that you can configure on the Consolette without connecting it to Spikemark. You access the settings menu by pressing the Jog Wheel, as indicated below.


After you press the Jog Wheel, the status display shows the Settings Menu. This is a scrolling list of the different settings that can be configured. Scroll through the list by rotating the jog wheel and then press the Jog Wheel again to select the option you want.

After you have finished, scroll to the bottom of the settings list and click EXIT.


The Showstopper Consolette comes with a default static IP Address of If you want to change that address, select SET IP ADDRESS from the Settings Menu. When you enter the SET IP ADDRESS screen, you can change the address by following these steps.

  1. Rotate the Jog Wheel to move the cursor to the IP Address segment that you want to change.

  2. Press the Jog Wheel to select the segment.

  3. Rotate the Jog Wheel to adjust the segment value.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the value, press the Jog Wheel again to get back to the selection cursor.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you are happy with the IP Address.

  6. Move the cursor to OK to change the IP Address (or Cancel to leave the IP Address unchanged).

  7. The Showstopper has to be rebooted for the new IP Address to take effect. After clicking OK, the next screen will let you select to reboot now, or postpone until later.


The identifier for the E-Stop Button is called the E-Stop ID (Node). Each Showstopper 4 device needs a unique E-Stop ID from 0-127. This means the maximum number of addressable E-Stop buttons in any system is 128.

To set your E-Stop ID on your Showstopper 4 Consolette:

  • Press the knob to open the Showstopper configuration menu.

  • Turn the knob and scroll the cursor to highlight the NEW ID number and press the knob to select the field.

  • Turn the knob to set the new ID and press the knob again to accept the new value.

  • Scroll the cursor over to the OK and press the knob to set the new E-Stop ID, and return to the primary screen display. If you want to cancel the changes you made to the E-Stop ID, scroll the cursor over to the CANCEL and press the knob.


The keys on the Showstopper Consolette are backlit. The backlighting makes it much easier to see the keys backstage in the dark. Of course, depending on where the Consolette is physically located in the theatre, the backlighting could be a nuisance if it bleeds light into view of the audience. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight to your taste.

After you select the ADJUST BACKLIGHT menu item from the Settings Menu, you’ll see a screen that displays the current backlight level. Turn the Jog Wheel to adjust the lighting level and then press the Jog Wheel to save the new level. The Consolette remembers the preferred backlight level even if it is unplugged.


The Jogging Joystick on the Showstopper Consolette is an analog device and its accuracy can fluctuate. You will need to calibrate the joystick if when pressing the Jog button the active motor begins to creep forward or reverse without moving the joystick.

After selecting CALIBRATE JOYSTICK from the Settings Menu, you will see the calibration screen. The dialog prompts you to release the Joystick so it is sitting in its center position. If the Joystick is out of calibration, the numerical readout will show a non-zero value indicating a signal bias that will cause the motors to creep while jogging. Use the Jog Wheel to select CALIBRATE and then press the wheel.

The numerical counter should reset to zero, showing you that the Joystick is calibrated. You can click the CALIBRATE option as many times as needed to get a steady reading. Once you are satisfied, scroll to DONE and press the Jog Wheel.

Once complete, scroll to Exit.

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