Multiple Consolettes

In most systems, a single Showstopper 4 Consolette is all that is required to run your show. However, if you need to create separate areas of responsibility for different operators, or automation zones, you can layout your system to have multiple Spikemark computers and matching Consolettes. Probably the most common reason to do this is to split Deck automation and Overhead automation. For some shows, it makes sense to have one operator for all deck pieces, and a second operator to run all flying machinery.

In such a system, you use one Showstopper Base, two Showstopper Consolettes, and two Spikemark computers, as shown below. By powering both Consolettes from the same Base, you guarantee that pressing any Emergency Stop button will stop all motion. However, you can arrange your network address scheme so that each Spikemark instance only connects to the relevant Consolette to keep cue control and jogging control isolated between deck & flies.

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