Ethernet Connection

Communication between Spikemark and the Showstopper 4 Consolette is passed over Ethernet. The Ethernet port is located on the rear of the Consolette next to the Accessory Input plug. The connector is a Neutrik etherCON (#NE8FDP) and can either be used with a standard RJ45 patch cord, or with a mating etherCON shell (#NE8MC-B).

The Consolette should be connected to the same physical network as your Spikemark computer. Most of the time you will need an Ethernet switch to connect between the Consolette, your Spikemark computer, and any Stagehand controllers. The one exceptional situation is if you want to use the Consolette with Spikemark running solely in Simulator. In that instance, you could connect the Showstopper directly to your computer with a RJ45 patch cable.

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