Accessory Cable Connection

The Showstopper 4 Consolette is powered through the Accessory Input plug on the back of the case (see below image). In addition to power, the Consolette uses this connection to signal if the Emergency Stop button is pressed or released. Unlike Remotes or Hubs, the Consolette does not have an Accessory Output plug so it cannot be placed in the middle of an accessory daisy-chain. It terminates the end of a chain so it can either plug directly into a Base, or it will be the last device after a Hub or Remote. This design choice to make the Consolette self-terminating reduces cable clutter and preserves portability to make it easier to move your Spikemark station between backstage and front of house.

The Showstopper Accessory Input plug is an Industrial Rectangular Connector. There are many manufacturers of this plug. Below is a table of manufacturer part numbers for the plug on the Consolette, the mating connector, and the crimps for either plug or connector.

See below for the pin-out for the plug listed in the table.

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