Showstopper 4 Consolette

Reference Manual v1.0


Congratulations on your purchase of the Showstopper 4 Consolette from Creative Conners, Inc. Showstopper 4 Consolette is a compact operator interface for the Spikemark scenic automation software, and also a remote emergency stop button. It presents a comfortable way to jog motors, execute cues, and engage the emergency stop circuit when needed.

This manual will direct you through:

  • Unpacking

  • Installation and testing

  • Connecting to Spikemark

  • Setup and Operational procedures

  • Updating the Consolette Firmware

  • Troubleshooting

If you need help along the way contact us by email (, online ( or by phone (401-289-2942).


  • Welcome card

  • Showstopper 4 Consolette

  • 10’ Showstopper 4 accessory cable (12-pin)

  • Mini USB cable for updating the firmware

  • A replacement key cap labeled “Soft Stop”

If any of these items are missing or damaged, please contact us immediately for a replacement.

If you purchased any accessories (cables, adapters, or hardware), those items are packaged separately.

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