Making The connections

Drive Connection Wiring Diagram

Hooking up the E-Stop

The Emergency Stop circuit uses 5-pin XLR (AKA: DMX cable). The E-Stop cable needs to plug directly from a Showstopper Base or Hub into the Stagehand. Be sure to engage the Showstopper mushroom button prior to plugging in the E-Stop cable.

Hooking Up and Configuring the Network Connection

Every Stagehand connects to the PC running Spikemark software through a network switch and the Stagehand Network. The Stagehands' Ethernet connectors accept both Neutrik Ethercon and standard RJ45 connectors.

Each Stagehand requires a unique IP Address to communicate with Spikemark. To set the IP Address, press the Jog Wheel.

Use the jog wheel to scroll to the part of the IP address to change and click the wheel. Turn the jog wheel until the desired number is showing, set it by pressing the jog wheel. All Stagehand and Showstopper devices ship from the factory with a default IP Address in the range of Feel free to set the IP Addresses to any range which works for you, as long as each IP Address is in the same range. Once the IP address is set, scroll to “OK” and click the wheel, the IP Address is now set.

To set the subnet, press and hold the jog wheel until the display shows the Set Subnet screen. The default subnet of should suffice for almost everyone, though if you are integrating the Stagehand and Spikemark with show control systems you may need to adjust the Subnet.

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