We aim to make any product as plug and play as possible, though sometimes challenges crop up right out of the box or years down the road. See below for solutions to common operational challenges.


Motion is not smooth
Confirm cable is wrapped flat on the drum.
Confirm practical effect is travelling perpendicular to drum, not catching on idler pulley
Confirm cable and practical effect path is clear of obstructions.
Check PID tuning in Spikemark:
  • Proportional Gain = 20
  • Derivative Gain = 0
  • Integral Gain = 0
Motor is spinning, drum is not moving
Confirm drive chain is connected and intact and under tension.


Cable is rubbing on idler pulley or keeper.
Level machine.
Machine is experiencing faults at repeating locations
Verify that your practical effect weighs at least 5lbs and the cable is feeding cleanly onto the idler pulley Verify Max Speed is set correctly in Spikemark

Onboard Stagehand Display

Stagehand Display
E STOP + IP Address
The E-stop cable is unplugged or the E-stop is engaged.
Machine is on and ready to connect to Spikemark.
Machine is on and connected to Spikemark.
Confirm the IP Address is correct, use the scroll wheel to highlight OK and click.
Confirm display shows, use the scroll wheel to highlight OK and click.
The Servo Drive is in a fault state, reset from Spikemark or by removing the main power at the breaker for 30 seconds.
you have a problem with the wiring of your brake. If you experience a brake fault, your machine is likely in need of repair and you should give us a call at 401-289-2942 x2, or drop us a line at [email protected]
FWD LIMIT + IP Address
The Forward limit is engaged.
Manually jog off the limit and adjust the set screw of the rotary limit.
REV LIMIT + IP Address
The Reverse limit is engaged.
Manually jog off the limit and adjust the set screw of the rotary limit.
ULT Limit + IP Address
The Forward Ultimate or Reverse Ultimate limit is engaged or a slack line has been detected.
First, verify that the slackline rod arm is captured behind the lifting cable, and reset if in front of the cable.
Then, manually jog off the limit and adjust the set screw of the rotary limit.
Blank Display
Check main power and local breaker.


Stagehand display is blank
Confirm machine power is connected and the local breaker is ON.
Able to manually jog the machine from the Stagehand but unable to connect through Spikemark
Confirm IP Address is set correctly on the Stagehand, in your computer’s network settings, as well as in Spikemark.
Confirm Ethernet cable is connected.
Confirm network switch is connected and powered on.
LX Power not transmitting
Check breaker on side of Stagehand, continuity from input receptacle to cable PowerCON connector
LX Data not transmitting
Check continuity from input receptacle to cable EtherCON connector


If you get stuck, we’re here to help. The best way to get in touch with a tech expert is via email - even during normal business hours - because most days we are spread around the shop and may not be near the phone. There’s someone in the office from 8:30a-5pm EST Monday - Friday and will return an email or phone call quickly. After hours (honestly when most tech support issues arise) we have a crack team monitoring email and voicemail who will respond quickly to help get you moving.