Top Panel

Below is a map of all the features you will interact with on the Showstopper 4 Consolette for both positioning machines and running cues:

  1. OLED Status Display

    • The four-line OLED display is easy to read in low-light conditions without a bright backlight. The display presents cue information when running cues, motor information when jogging a motor, or setup details during configuration.

  2. Jog Wheel

    • The 1 ½” wheel will jog a motor by position clicks. For every rotation click, the motor will move either 1 unit(Course Key) or 0.1 unit(Fine Key). The wheel makes it easy to fine tune a motor position on stage when setting cues.

  3. Jog Enable

    • This button must be held down continuously during jog operations. To start moving a motor with either the Jog Joystick or Jog Wheel, first press and hold the Jog Enable Button.

  4. Jog Joystick

    • The Jog Joystick controls the speed of the motor during jogging. In the center position the motor stops. Pushing the joystick forward increases speed in the forward direction. Pulling the joystick backward will increase the speed in the reverse direction.

  5. HTR / Soft-Stop

    • This button serves double-duty. By default, it is configured to work as a Hold-To-Run button (aka “dead man’s switch”) that must be depressed while running cues. It can also be configured as a Soft-Stop button that will abort any running cues when pressed. The behavior is configured through Spikemark.

  6. Go Cue

    • Pressing this button will run a loaded cue. All of the keys are backlit, but the Go button backlighting will vary depending on the cue status in Spikemark. A pulsing glow indicates that a cue is loaded, steady illumination indicates that one or more cues are running, and the backlight shuts off when no cues are running or loaded.

  7. Jump Cue

    • Pressing this button will bring up a list of all cues in Spikemark. You can then quickly select a cue to jump to in the show.

  8. Next Cue

    • Pressing this button will load the next cue in the show.

  9. Previous Cue

    • It feels insulting to even say it on the heels of the Next Cue description but pressing this cue will load the previous cue in the show (I know you figured that out already, I just need to write it down for completeness).

  10. System Ready

    • When all Emergency Stop buttons on the Showstopper system (base, consolette, and remotes) are released, this indicator glows green to inform you that the system is ready to move.

  11. Emergency Stop

    • Pressing the large red mushroom switch will instantly stop all motors.

    • The button is also an indicator light! When the e-stop button is engaged the button will be illuminated.

Rear Panel

  1. Ethernet

    • The Consolette talks to Spikemark over the same Ethernet network that is used by Spikemark to direct Stagehand motor controllers. The Ethernet port on the back of the Consolette is a Neutrik etherCON connector so you can use either a standard RJ45 patch cord, or a cable fitted with an etherCON shell for a positive lock.

  2. Accessory Input

    • The Showstopper 4 Base has three accessory output ports. Those ports can be used to daisy-chain E-Stop Remotes (stop buttons), Acessory and E-Stop Hubs, a Spikemark Pendant or a Consolette. The Consolette draws power, emergency stop signal, and status indicator signals through the accessory connection.

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