UDP Configuration

To open the UDP Output configuration window from the Show Control menu select UDP...

Configuration Options

1. Client Address - The IP address of the other device receiving data from Spikemark.
2. Client Port - The port number the other device is listening for data on.
3. Output Pattern - The syntax of the UDP message (more in the next section).
4. Active - When checked, the given axis’ position will be sent. This allows Spikemark to selectively send position data. By default, active is unchecked.
5. Motor Name - The name of the motor in Spikemark.
6. UDP Name - The name that the other device will see. By default, the UDP name is the same as the motor name but can be changed as needed. This allows an axis to be called one name in Spikemark and another on a UDP client.
7. Update Interval - The update interval is the speed at which UDP packets are sent. The recommended fastest speed is 30.
8. Send Output - Toggles the UDP output on or off.